It’s that time to take a short self-care sabbatical… 

a break to become re-inspired, rejuvenated, restored… 

to unpack what it means to truly love yourself in a safe & supportive container of like-minded women. 

You’re invited to join Pilates Instructor, Feminine Embodiment Guide & Mind Body Nutritionist, Amanda Gyuran, for an intimate retreat in gorgeous, sunny Southern California

This retreat will support your own return to self-love, balance, & inner-peace. 

Re-energize & re-align your body with your heart. 

Laugh & create new, supportive, uplifting female friendships. 

Train your muscles in a mindful, invigorating, alignment-centered way. 

Tie together connections to become fiercely embodied in your femininity.

Slow down & create more ease in life, eating, movement & relationships. 

THE ADVENTURE      Hiking, Pacific Ocean plunges

THE NOURISHMENT      Healthy organic meals, grain free cookies & herbal tonics

THE HOME      Encinitas, California (North County San Diego)

THE SPIRIT      Pilates, journaling, breathwork, plant medicine

WHAT'S UNIQUE      The mindful movement, the heart opening ceremony, the silly sisterhood

My intention is to allow you the space & support to deeply reconnect with your body, mind & heart. Through the power of Pilates, guided meditation, journaling, plant medicine, plenty of nourishment, childlike play & deep belly laughs… you will release energetic blocks, unlock your body intuition & open your heart to deeper aspects of love, awareness & connection to self. 

You will breathe the fresh ocean air, leave feeling fully nourished & rejuvenated… 

& maybe a tad bit sore  (If I’m being completely honest). 

Abandon your city stress; bask in the sunshine

delight in expansive sunset views that will surely soothe your soul, 

strengthen your core, pump up your self-love muscles, & create deep sisterhood bonds. 


Afternoon Arrival/Opening Shares

Human Connection Playshop 

Pilates 101 Playshop (2 hours) 

The Power of Pleasure Workshop

Organic Dinner/Nature Walk/Get Cozy

Paleo Cookie Making Party 

Sisterhood Sleepover (Natural Face Masks, “Girl Talk,” Dance Party, Self-Massage, Healing Sound Bath, Goddess Circle Meditation)



Tonic Alchemy Party

Pilates Playshop on the Beach (1.5 hours)

Ocean Plunge 

Chia Bowl Breakfast Bar/Awakening the Feminine Workshop (How to Tap In and Turn On)

Body Intuition/Cultivating Deep Self Awareness Playshop (Mind to Muscle Re-Programming, Fascia and Extra-Cellular Matrix Work)

Journaling/Self Care Break

Pilates Playshop (Reformer - 1 hour) 

Heart Opening Ceremony using Plant Medicine 


Integration over Organic Breakfast 


Journaling/Self Care Break 

Pilates Playshop (Reformer - 1.5 hours)

Hike + Picnic Lunch 

Final Farewells/Intentional Offerings 

I often get emotional during my Pilates workouts with Amanda, because it's now more than just a workout... it's a spiritual release for me. It's more than being in shape or fitting into a certain jean size. My intention has changed from fear to self-love. 


This retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. Having the opportunity to meet a handful of bright, strong and like-minded women was just wonderful. I used to have a mind FULL of doubt, uncertainty, and a lack of self-love… & don’t get me wrong, I still do some days. However, because of this retreat I feel strong enough to overcome and shift those emotionally bruising thoughts. I learned so much from the different workshops, meditation practices and guest speakers. I traveled home a more confident and intelligent woman with life altering ideas, sweet friendships, the courage to put myself first and the desire to truly live the way I want my life to be.


My biggest take away from this retreat is to treat yourself like a VIP and know you are WORTH IT! Yes it cost money and takes time to go to a retreat like this but you are telling yourself you are valuable, and worth the self growth and connections you will make with other women.

Other women should know that these live retreats are an in the moment way to get truly present, share whatever your heart calls you to, and to listen to others and gain insights into their hearts as well. WE are all so similar and its amazing to connect with people on a deeper level then we usually do in the day to day.


(Includes lodging, goodies & all meals. Excludes travel & transportation)

Email with any questions or concerns.

$1500 in full or,

An initial non-refundable down payment of $500 + 3 payments of $350.

(In case of emergency and you cannot attend the retreat, your $500 down payment can be applied towards coaching with Amanda)